Nice in October: Is it a Good Time to Visit?

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October is an underrated and wonderful time to visit Nice and the South of France in general. Personally, I think October is one of my favorite months around here.

The city transforms in the autumn. The sea still retains much of its summer warmth, perfect for those who enjoy quieter beach days.

As the summer crowds slowly disperse and the vibrant colors of autumn begin to paint the city, Nice reveals a more intimate and peaceful side, and the streets, less crowded than in the peak summer months, offer a more relaxed ambiance for exploring.

In this guide, we’re going to explore everything you need to know about visiting Nice in October so that you can have the best time possible.

What to expect

In October, Nice retains its lively spirit with less crowded streets and beaches, allowing for a more authentic and leisurely exploration. This time of year is perfect for enjoying outdoor cafes and restaurants in a relaxed setting, and the sea is still warm enough for swimming (yay!).

October in Nice also brings the excitement of seasonal changes, with the surrounding countryside showcasing beautiful autumnal hues, ideal for scenic drives or hikes. The local vineyards are bustling with the grape harvest, offering a great opportunity to witness wine production firsthand and partake in tastings.

As the month progresses, the anticipation of Halloween begins to build. While not traditionally celebrated as extensively as in some countries, you can still find Halloween-themed events, especially in bars, clubs, and some community spaces, where costumes and festive activities add a fun aspect to the nightlife.

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Is October a good time to visit Nice?

Yes, October is a great time to visit Nice. The weather is mild, the summer crowds have diminished, and the city still offers a vibrant mix of cultural activities and outdoor experiences, along with the added charm of autumnal scenery.

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Where to stay

Nice has many good hotel options. Some of my favorites are Hotel Le Negresco, Anantara Plaza Nice Hotel, Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Méditerranée, and Boscolo.

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Things to do in Nice in October

Enjoy the beaches

The city’s beaches are more serene in October, making it a perfect time for a peaceful day by the Mediterranean.

The good news is that the weather is still warm and pleasant and most of the beach clubs are still open as well.

Old Town Exploration

The historic Vieux Nice is particularly charming in the fall. Its bustling markets and quaint streets offer a delightful experience of local life.

There are also many good restaurants to visit in the area.

Museum Visits

Take advantage of cooler or rainy days to explore Nice’s museums, including the Matisse Museum and the Marc Chagall National Museum (my favorites!).

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Day Trips

It’s no secret that one of the best things to do in the South of France is making the most out of all the amazing day trips Nice offers. Some of my favorites include Saint-Tropez, Monaco, Antibes and Cannes.

Seasonal Gastronomy

Savor dishes featuring autumn’s bounty, such as truffles and mushrooms, in the city’s many fine restaurants.

Wine Tasting

October is a fantastic time for wine enthusiasts. Visit local vineyards to enjoy the harvest season, with plenty of opportunities for tastings.

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Boat Rides

Boat rides are my favorite thing ever. There’s nothing quite like sailing in the beautiful water of the Mediterranean and admiring the city from a new perspective.

Train Baroque Route

Take a scenic journey on the Train des Merveilles, exploring the Baroque route and marveling at the region’s architectural wonders. This is definitely a hidden gem but very worth it.

Hiking at Mercantour National Park

For nature lovers, hiking in the Mercantour National Park offers beautiful landscapes and a chance to enjoy the vibrant fall colors.

Perfume Workshop

Engage in a unique experience with a perfume workshop in Nice, exploring the art of fragrance-making.

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Travel Guide & FAQ

Does it rain a lot in Nice in October?

In October, Nice experiences a mild Mediterranean climate with increasing chances of rain as the month progresses.

It’s part of the transition from the warm, dry summer to the cooler, wetter winter season. While October can still have many sunny and pleasant days, it’s also more likely to have rainfall compared to the summer months.

How hot is the South of France in October?

In October, the South of France enjoys daytime temperatures typically ranging from 19°C to 22°C (66°F to 72°F) and cooler evenings dropping to between 10°C and 14°C (50°F to 57°F).

Can you swim in Nice in October?

Swimming in Nice in October is possible, but whether it’s comfortable depends on your tolerance for cooler water temperatures as by October the Mediterranean Sea starts to cool down after the warm summer months. I have done it and it was more than fine!

Conclusion: Visiting Nice in October

That’s a wrap! As you can probably tell by now, October is indeed a lovely time to visit Nice.

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