24 Best Restaurants in Saint-Tropez To Try in 2024

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Welcome to our exclusive guide to the best restaurants in Saint Tropez! Nestled along the sparkling French Riviera, this glamorous town is not just a haven for the rich and famous, but also a culinary hotspot for gourmands.

Personally, the food is enough reason for me to go there often – after all, who can resist a freshly baked tarte tropézienne?

In this blog post, we will take you through the cobbled streets of Saint Tropez, introducing you to a variety of dining experiences that range from cozy local bistros to lavish, Michelin-starred establishments.

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24 Best Restaurants in Saint-Tropez

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1- Bello Visto

Bello Visto in Gassin, nestled with a stunning view of the Gulf of Saint Tropez, offers a serene and delightful dining experience with delicious home-cooked meals made with love.

Sylvain, the chef, specializes in Mediterranean cuisine made from fresh, local ingredients, creating dishes that are both beautiful and flavorful.

His wife, Laurence ensures guests feel welcome and taken care of, adding to the restaurant’s very cozy and family-like atmosphere.

2- Le Kikouiou

Le Kikouiou is a cozy family restaurant in the Ramatuelle vineyards, close to Pampelonne Beach.

Known for its welcoming atmosphere and grilling specialties, it’s been a local favorite since 1990. Perfect for a casual lunch or a romantic evening with sunset views, they offer a tasty selection of pizzas, grilled meats, and daily specials.

The restaurant sometimes hosts live music evenings, adding to its charm. Be sure to book in advance as it can get quite busy during the summer months.

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3- La Brigantine

La Brigantine st tropez (1)

La Brigantine in Saint Tropez is a charming restaurant that captures the essence of coastal French dining.

Situated at the fabulous wellness resort Lily of the Valley, this quaint eatery specializes in traditional Mediterranean and Provençal cuisine with a healthy twist, with a menu that highlights the best of local seafood and seasonal ingredients.

4- La Vague d’Or at Cheval Blanc

Located within iconic Cheval Blanc St-Tropez, Michelin three-star La Vague d’Or offers a cuisine as dazzling as the sunshine that warms its spacious terrace.

Rouen-born chef Arnaud Donckele, who trained under Michel Guérard and Alain Ducasse, is the man at the helm and acclaimed for his original pairings, rare, regional ingredients, and seemingly limitless creativity,

5- La Voile at La Réserve

5- La Voile at La Réserve (1)

With two Michelin stars, La Voile, located at La Réserve Ramatuelle near Saint Tropez, offers a dining experience that’s as exquisite as it is intimate.

Boasting panoramic views of the azure Mediterranean Sea, this restaurant is a true embodiment of the elegance and luxury that define the French Riviera.

The menu, crafted with precision and creativity by chef Éric Canino, features a selection of contemporary dishes that highlight the freshest local ingredients and the flavors of the Provence region.

6- La Ponche

La Ponche (1)

On the sundeck overlooking the ocean or in the dining room of the iconic hotel La Ponche, Chef Thomas Danigo offers Mediterranean cookery grounded on original vegetables and fresh local fish.

A cooking that’s both elegant and inventive, in the fine image of La Ponche – one of Bridgitte Bardot’s favorite places in Saint Tropez.

This restaurant is located in the Old Town so it’s easy to access if you visit Saint-Tropez without a car.

7- Manko

If you love Peruvian cuisine, you have to try Manko.

This vibrant Peruvian restaurant in the heart of Saint Tropez brings a taste of South America to the French Riviera.

The lively eatery stands out with its unique fusion of traditional Peruvian cuisine and modern culinary techniques. The menu is a colorful mosaic of flavors, featuring classic dishes like ceviche and lomo saltado, all given a contemporary twist.

8- Kinugawa

kinugawa st tropez (1)

Kinugawa in Saint-Tropez is your go-to spot for some amazing Japanese dining in a lush, outdoor garden setting. It’s the perfect place to chill after a day at the beach, with its cool terrace vibe and signature cocktails, all while enjoying views of the sunset over the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

The menu’s all about fresh, Asian-influenced flavors with a big focus on fish. Think tasty salmon tartare with caviar, zesty sea bream sashimi with citrus sauce, and various sushi, sashimi, and California rolls. And for dinner, it’s a whole culinary adventure. Don’t miss out on their standout dishes like the grilled black cod marinated in miso sauce or the spicy pan-fried prawns.

9- Restaurant Villa Azur Saint-Tropez

Restaurant Villa Azur Saint-Tropez (2)

Nestled in the heart of Saint-Tropez, just below the famous La Citadelle, Villa Azur The Chef’s Table is perfectly positioned to offer an authentic and unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant’s innovative concept, which has been a hallmark in Miami Beach, is now poised to delight guests in Saint-Tropez with its unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Guests are invited to immerse themselves in Villa Azur’s chic and elegant universe, perfectly complemented by refined and elaborate cuisine. Oh, and this restaurant is open in winter!

10- Le Café

Le Café in Saint Tropez, tucked away under the plane trees of Place des Lices, is the perfect spot for a romantic, laid-back experience. It’s got the charm of a village brasserie, bustling with life and friendliness, making it great for a cozy meal or a relaxed hangout.

The cafe’s setting is super inviting, with its big, sparkling tables and warm, rustic yet elegant decor. It’s the kind of place that draws you in and makes you want to stay a while, especially if you’re looking for a bit of romance.

The menu, available from noon to midnight, is a celebration of Provençal flavors.

11- La Petite Plage

La Petite Plage (2)

La Petite Plage, located in the port, has an unbeatable vibe and some seriously stunning views. The decor is cool and modern, making you feel like you’re chilling in a super-chic beach house.

When it comes to food, La Petite Plage nails it with fresh, tasty Mediterranean dishes. They’ve got everything from light, crisp salads to perfectly grilled fish and meat. Seafood is definitely a big deal here, and it’s all about the fresh catch of the day.

12- Restaurant Cucina Byblos

Restaurant Cucina Byblos (1)

Restaurant Cucina Byblos in Saint Tropez is a real gem for anyone who loves a mix of Italian flair and French vibes. Located inside the famous Hotel Byblos this place is all about bringing you a taste of Italy with a stylish twist.

Now, the food – it’s a delightful journey through Italian classics, but with a fresh, contemporary touch. From mouth-watering pasta dishes to stunning seafood creations, everything on the menu is about celebrating those rich, hearty Italian flavors. They use top-notch ingredients, so everything you taste is bursting with flavor.

13- Restaurant Le Tigrr

Restaurant Le Tigrr in Saint Tropez is the kind of place that’s perfect for when you’re feeling a bit adventurous.

The decor is eclectic and funky, with an Asian-inspired theme that sets the stage for an exciting dining experience. It’s casual yet chic, making it a great spot to hang out with friends or enjoy a fun date night.

The menu is, however, where Le Tigrr really shines. It’s a fusion of Asian flavors, offering a range of dishes from sushi and sashimi to spicy curries and stir-fries.

14- Beefbar Lou Pinet

Beefbar Lou Pinet (1)

At Hotel Lou Pinet, Beefbar is the ultimate spot for those who love a good steak and a touch of elegance

The menu is a carnivore’s paradise, showcasing premium beef from around the globe. Whether you’re craving a perfectly grilled steak, a juicy burger, or something more unique, Beefbar delivers top-quality meats and rich flavors.

15- Casa Amor

Casa Amor st tropez (1)

Casa Amor in Saint Tropez is a bohemian and delightful spot that’s all about bringing a bit of Mediterranean charm and warmth to your dining experience. It’s a place that feels like a sunny getaway, perfect for those laid-back, enjoy-the-moment kind of meals.

On the menu, are Mexican and Mediterranean staples like tacos, tiraditos, and fried calamari.

16- Le Club 55

Le Club 55 st tropez (1)

Le Club 55 is the go-to spot for soaking up the sun and enjoying the quintessential Saint Tropez beach experience.

Nestled on the beautiful Pampelonne Beach, it’s got that cool, effortless beach club atmosphere with a stylish twist. Picture yourself lounging on wooden chairs, surrounded by breezy white linens, in a relaxed setting.

When it comes to food, it’s all about keeping things simple and scrumptious. Their menu is a fresh medley of salads, and grilled seafood, focusing on quality ingredients and straightforward preparation.

17- Loulou à Ramatuelle

Loulou à Ramatuelle (1)

A South of France icon, Loulou at Ramatuelle is a trendy spot in Saint Tropez. Located near the famous Pampelonne Beach, it’s the perfect mix of laid-back beach life and chic dining.

The menu at Loulou is a treat, with a focus on Italian and Mediterranean flavors. Expect delicious pasta dishes, fresh seafood, and a bunch of tasty options that bring together the best of both worlds.

18- Moloko


Anyone looking for the best sushi in Saint Tropez?

Moloko, located inside Kube Saint-Tropez Hôtel, offers a chic and sophisticated take on Japanese cuisine, making it a standout destination for sushi and upscale Japanese dishes. With a modern, stylish vibe, it’s the perfect spot for a trendy dining experience.

The menu at Moloko shines with its selection of high-quality sushi and Japanese fare. Expect beautifully presented sushi rolls, sashimi, and a variety of other Japanese specialties, all crafted with precision and flair. The chefs focus on using the freshest ingredients, ensuring each dish is a burst of authentic flavors and textures.

19- Arcadia at Hotel Byblos

Arcadia at Hotel Byblos (1)

The new restaurant at Byblos, Arcadia, in Saint Tropez is a fresh and exciting addition to the culinary scene, offering a unique and luxurious dining experience.

The atmosphere is upscale yet welcoming, making it perfect for a special night out or a fancy meal with friends.

When it comes to the menu, Arcadia focuses on fresh, local ingredients, creating dishes that are both innovative and delightful.

The cuisine is a blend of Mediterranean influences, offering a range of flavors that are sure to impress. From beautifully prepared seafood to expertly crafted main courses, every dish is a celebration of the region’s rich culinary heritage.

20- Gigi Ramatuelle

Gigi Ramatuelle (1)

Gigi Ramatuelle in Saint Tropez is a vibrant celebration of life, serving up sunny Italian cuisine in a setting that’s all about joy and good times. Located in the picturesque Ramatuelle area, this restaurant is a perfect blend of Italian zest and the relaxed elegance of the French Riviera.

The decor is lively and inviting, capturing the essence of a joyful Italian gathering. With its bright, cheerful interiors and a relaxed yet chic atmosphere, Gigi is ideal for celebrations, casual get-togethers, or simply enjoying life’s little pleasures.

At the heart of Gigi’s menu is a dedication to vibrant and flavorful Italian dishes.

21- La Table de Agustin at La Ferme d’Augustin, Ramatuelle

La Table de Agustin at La Ferme d’Augusti (1)

La Table de Agustin at the 4-star hotel La Ferme d’Augustin in Ramatuelle is a hidden gem for those seeking an authentic and cozy dining experience. Nestled in the charming countryside near Saint Tropez, this restaurant offers a warm, rustic atmosphere that’s perfect for a peaceful meal away from the bustling town.

The decor at La Table de Agustin is classic and homely, with a touch of provincial charm. It feels like dining in a traditional French farmhouse, complete with all the quaint and comforting vibes. The setting is intimate and inviting, making it ideal for a romantic dinner or a quiet family gathering.

22- Colette at Hotel Sezz

Colette at Hotel Sezz, crowned with a Michelin star and helmed by Chef Philippe Colinet, offers an exquisite fine dining experience in a sleek and sophisticated setting.

Chef Colinet’s menu is a showcase of fine dining at its best. Every dish is a blend of precision, creativity, and the finest ingredients, delivering flavors that are both intricate and satisfying. The Michelin star is a testament to the high-quality, beautifully presented cuisine that awaits at Colette.

23- Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach (1)

Nikki Beach in Saint Tropez, while renowned as a vibrant beach club, also stands out as a fantastic restaurant offering a diverse and appealing menu tailored to a young, trendy clientele. The dining experience here is seamlessly integrated into the lively beachside setting, making it a unique spot for enjoying great food in a dynamic atmosphere.

The restaurant area of Nikki Beach is stylishly designed, maintaining that chic beach club feel while providing a comfortable space for dining. Guests can enjoy their meals in a setting that combines the excitement of the beach club with the pleasure of a good dining experience.

24- Auberge des Maures

Auberge des Maures 1 (1)

L’Auberge des Maures, nestled in the charming and luxurious Château de la Messardière Hotel, holds the distinction of being the oldest restaurant in Saint Tropez.

This delightful spot is renowned for its authentic Provencal specialties, offering a true taste of the region’s culinary heritage.

Open for dinner from March to November, and for both lunch and dinner during other seasons, the restaurant provides a beautiful dining experience whether on its terrace in the garden or, in winter, in the great hall by a cozy fire. The setting is quintessentially Provencal, blending rustic charm with an inviting atmosphere, perfect for any dining occasion.

Highlighting house specialties like barigoule artichokes, grilled lobster, and sea bass with sage, each dish at Auberge des Maures is a testament to the rich and aromatic cuisine of Provence. The focus on fresh, local ingredients ensures an authentic and delightful culinary journey.

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Conclusion: The best restaurants in Saint-Tropez

That’s a wrap! Now you know all the best restaurants in the gastronomic paradise that is the Golf of Saint-Tropez. I hope this helps and that you get to enjoy some of my favorite spots during your stay.

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