Saint-Tropez without a Car: The Ultimate Guide

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Saint-Tropez is one of my favorite towns to explore here on the French Riviera.

I love to spend an afternoon strolling around the charming old streets of the old town admiring its narrow alleys, vibrant colors, and beautiful architecture. There are also plenty of great places for delicious local food and some of the best beach clubs in France.

But what if you don’t have a car? That’s no problem! Saint-Tropez is still worth visiting without one.

When I visit Saint-Tropez, I usually take the boat (during summer) or the train + combo from Nice and explore by foot.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to explore Saint-Tropez without a car and make the most of your time in this beautiful area.

Do you need a car for Saint-Tropez?

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If you are only staying in town for one day or two and your hotel is centrally located, you won’t need a car for Saint-Tropez. The old town is quite small and most attractions are within walking distance.

If you want to explore beyond the city center, though, then renting a car might be your best bet.

A lot of the best beaches are located outside the city center and having a car also gives you the opportunity to explore nearby villages (like the beautiful Ramatuelle), wineries and see some of the stunning Provençal landscapes.

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Getting to Saint-Tropez without a car

There are a few different transportation options available for getting to Saint-Tropez without a car.

You can read my guide on how to get from Nice to Saint-Tropez here.


There’s no train station in Saint-Tropez, the closest one is the one in Saint-Raphael.

From the train station in Saint-Raphael, you can take a bus to Saint-Tropez. It will take about 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there.


You can take a bus to Saint-Tropez from several cities like Saint-Raphael, Hyeres, and Toulon. I recommend checking Google Maps for the best routes.


In summer, you can take a boat directly from Nice (book here), Sainte Maxime, Les Issambres, Port Grimaud, and Les Marines de Cogo (book here for the other towns) to Saint-Tropez.

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Getting Around Saint-Tropez without a car

Walking is the best way to explore all the central attractions in Saint-Tropez since it’s a small city. Renting a bike is also an option if you want to get around faster.

If you’d like to go further from the city center or visit some of the beaches, your best bet is taking a bus.

VarLib operates a route from the Saint-Tropez bus station to Pampelonne Beach and continues to Ramatuelle. This route is available only from April to the beginning of September.

Additionally, there is another line, 7742, which runs throughout the year, but with less frequency.

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Where to Stay in Saint-Tropez

Some of my suggestions are Les Capucines Saint Tropez, Hotel la Ponche, Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez, and Hôtel La Tartane Saint-Tropez.

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Conclusion: Saint-Tropez without a car

That’s a wrap! Now you are ready to explore Saint-Tropez without a car. I hope you have a lovely trip and that you fall in love with the city.

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