10 Reasons Why Eze is Worth Visiting

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Eze, a hidden gem not far from Nice and Monaco, is one of the most charming villages in the South of France.

Nestled on the top of a hill, it has breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and its surroundings, charming local restaurants, and a beautiful garden to top off its many attractions.

Eze’s narrow cobblestone streets are lined with centuries-old buildings and historical sites. The village also has a rich history, with artifacts of the Romans and other cultures. So yes, Eze is definitely worth visiting.

In this guide, you will all the best reasons why.

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10 Reasons to Visit Eze

1- The famous Fragonard perfume factory.

Here, visitors can take a guided tour and even make their own personalized perfume.

Book: Perfume Making Class and Factory Tour in Eze

2- Eze Beach is actually wonderful

Eze Beach is not only beautiful but also one of the best places to go during summer to avoid the crowds.

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3- The most charming hotels

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Eze is home to a few wonderful hotels. Some of my favorites include La Chèvre d’Or, Hotel Cap Estel, and Hôtel Eze Hermitage.

4- Jardin Exotique is absolutely stunning

The garden is filled with succulents, cacti, and other plants from all over the world. Visitors can take in the beautiful views while walking through this stunning botanical oasis.

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5- Hiking Nietzche’s Path

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Thes path is named after the famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who was inspired by his walks in Eze.

This hike will take you from Eze-sur-Mer (where the train station is) to the village of Eze, passing through lush forests and stunning views.

6- The Michelin-starred La Chèvre d’Or

La Chèvre d’Or is a Michelin-starred restaurant that serves some of the most delicious French cuisine. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a romantic dinner or an exquisite lunch with friends.

7- Proximity to Nice and Monaco

Eze is just a few kilometers away from Nice and Monaco, making it a quick and easy getaway. In fact, if you are staying in Nice you might even want to combine Eze and Monaco into one day trip.

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8- A variety of art galleries

Eze is a little heaven for artists and art lovers alike. The village has a number of interesting art galleries that are well worth checking out.

9- It’s a real medieval village

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Èze, France

Eze is an old medieval village from the 12 century BC that has been beautifully preserved. You can explore its winding streets and admire its ancient architecture. Where to stay

10- Wonderful photography opportunities

The village offers some of the best photographic opportunities on the French Riviera as Eze’s unique architecture is really photogenic.

If you visit Eze during winter, that’s even better! The town is easier to photograph without the crowds.

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Eze Travel Guide & FAQ

Can you do Eze and Monaco in one day?

Absolutely. If you are short on time, you can easily do a day trip from Nice to Eze and Monaco.

What is there to do in Eze?

Some of the best things to do in Eze include exploring its winding streets, checking out the art galleries and Michelin-starred restaurants, and of course, visiting the Exotic Garden.

Is Eze open on Sunday?

If you are visiting during the high season, most shops and restaurants in Eze will be open on Sundays. However, it’s best to check with individual establishments as opening hours may vary.

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Conclusion: Is Eze worth visiting?

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why Eze is worth visiting.

This wonderful village is definitely one of my favorite places here in the South of France and I hope you love it as much as I do.

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