Castle Hill: A Guide to Visiting Nice’s Beloved Hilltop Park

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Castle Hill (or Le Parc de la Colline du Château in French), is a popular park located in Nice, France. It is situated atop the hill of the same name and offers stunning views of the city and its beaches below.

This beautiful park is enjoyed by both locals and visitors alike. It is one of the most iconic locations in Nice and a good place to meet up with friends, go for a run, or just take in the sights and is worth visiting even if you are only in Nice for one day.

In addition to its expansive views, Castle Hill is home to several attractions that provide visitors with plenty of entertainment opportunities.

Planning a visit to Colline du Chateau? Well, in this guide you will find all the information you need to make the most of your visit.

We’ll cover everything from the various activities available at the park to tips for making your visit more enjoyable.

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view of the port from chateau hill
View of the port from Castle Hill

How do you get to Castle Hill in Nice?

Getting to Castle Hill is easy if you are staying near the Promenade des Anglais as it is located at the end of it, to the left. It’s about a 15-minute walk from the city center.

If you don’t feel like walking, you can take the tram to the Port Lympia station and walk from there.

Then, to go up the hill you have two options: Walk up the wide, cobblestone staircase or take the elevator located at the beginning of it.

Castle Hill Address

1 Rue des Ponchettes, 06300 Nice is the address to the elevator to Castle Hill.


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Opening hours

Even though it is a public park, Castle Hill has opening and closing hours. They are from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm in winter and from 8:30 am to 8 pm in summer.

The park is open seven days a week.

Best time to visit

Weather-wise, there is not really a bad time to visit Castle Hill as Nice is a city blessed with blue skies and sun almost every day of the year.

The warmer months, such as June, July, August, and September are of course better for activities like picnics and sunbathing, but you can still enjoy the park in winter.

Do you have to pay to visit Castle Hill?

No, you do not have to pay an admission fee to visit Castle Hill. It is a public park and all visitors are welcome.

views form castle hill nicce

Things to Do in Castle Hill

There are many fun things to do in Castle Hill. These are some of our favorites:

1- Celebrate La Fete du Chateau

This is a popular festival that takes place in the park every year. Every June, it hosts concerts, exhibitions, and other events for visitors to enjoy.

2- Walk around

Simply strolling around the hilltop park is an enjoyable activity itself, especially with its breathtaking views of Nice.

3- Have a picnic with local specialties

Castle Hill has numerous picnic spots, making it the perfect place to spread a blanket out and enjoy some food while admiring the beautiful views.

Get some socca or a fresh pissaladiere from Marché Aux Fleurs for a delicious local lunch.

4- See the Cimetière du Château

This cemetery is situated in the park and is worth a visit. It’s the final resting place of many prominent figures from both Nice and France.

5- Participate in sports

The park offers plenty of space for jogging, cycling, soccer, and other outdoor sports.

6- Go on a walking tour of Castle Hill

A guided tour is a great way to learn more about the park, its history, and its sights (read: The best tours to take in Nice this year).

In this walking tour of Castle Hill and Old Nice, you will hear insider stories about the Nice Town Hall, the Nice Cathedral, and more.

6- Find Cascade Dijon

This man-made waterfall is a sight to behold and a popular attraction in the park.

7- Admire The Ruins of Castle Hill

The ruins of the castle’s walls are still visible today and make for a great photo opportunity.

You can read about the original chateau here.

6- Watch the sunset

One of the best times to visit Castle Hill is during sunset when you can admire the city lights as they come alive below you.

view of old nice from castle hill

Things to remember when visiting Castle Hill

1- Respect the rules: Castle Hill is a public park and therefore there are some rules in place to keep it clean and safe. Respect them at all times.

2- Wear comfortable shoes: The cobblestone stairs can be slippery, so wear comfortable shoes or sneakers to go up and down safely.

3- Avoid bringing pets: Pets are not allowed in the park as they can disturb other visitors.

4- Take your trash with you: Leave no trace by taking all your litter home with you when you leave.

5- Be mindful of the temperature when visiting in summer: Castle Hill is quite exposed and can get very hot during the summer months. Bring sunscreen, hats, and light clothing so you don’t get sunburned.

6- Listen to your guide: If there is a guided tour in your itinerary, make sure to listen carefully so you don’t miss out on any information.

7- Take lots of photos: The views from up top are spectacular, so take plenty of photos to remember them!

promenade des anglais nice 111
Sunny day on the Promenade

Things to do after visiting Castle Hill

Finished with your visit? Well, now it’s time to explore more of Nice. A few things you can do are:

1- Visit the Promenade des Anglais

To get from Castle Hill to the famous Promenade des Anglais, all you have to do is take the stars down, and voilá! You are there.

Walk along this iconic beachfront road and take in the sights of Nice’s beautiful coastline.

2- Try traditional Niçoise food and wine on a food tour

The city is known for its delicious cuisine and what better way to experience it than by joining a food tour?

Taste local specialties such as pissaladière, socca, salade niçoise and more.

3- Make your own perfume at Molinard

If you’re looking for a unique way to take home a little piece of Nice, why not create your own personalized perfume at the renowned Molinard perfumery?

4- Visit the Matisse Museum

One of Nice’s most beloved museums, the Matisse Museum, makes for a wonderful place to visit after Castle Hill.

Here you can explore an extensive collection of works from the famous artist and experience a true art immersion.

5- Explore Old Town

Take a stroll through Old Town (Vieux Nice) and admire its charming architecture, colorful markets, and buzzing street life. An absolute must while visiting Nice!

6- Go on a dynamic Nice City Segway Sightseeing Tour

Discover the city in a fun and dynamic way with a segway sightseeing tour. This is great for those that want to cover more ground in less time and get to know the city from its best viewpoints.

These are just some of the activities you can do after your visit to Castle Hill. Of course, there are plenty of other things to do in Nice, so don’t stop exploring!

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Where to stay near Castle Hill

As we previously mentioned, Castle Hill has a very privileged location as it is located next to Promenade des Anglais and the Vieux Port and is also just a small walk away from Vieux Nice.

Therefore, choosing a hotel near Castle Hill is a great idea if plan on exploring the city mostly on foot.

These are some of our favorite hotel recommendations:

Conclusion: A Guide to Visiting Castle Hill in Nice

That’s a wrap! We hope you found our guide to visiting Castle Hill.

Castle Hill is a must-see while on the French Riviera. Its privileged location, incredible views, and rich history make it an unforgettable experience.

Just remember to be respectful of the park’s rules, wear comfortable clothing, bring sunscreen and take lots of photos. Happy travels!

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